Restricted Access items in Digital.CSIC

The restricted-access option for accessing full-text versions of given documents in the repository is available since its release. This way all publications by CSIC authors can be archived in Digital.CSIC, and not just those available Open Access.

Sometimes it is not possible to offer Open Access to the full-text version of a paper - for instance if the authors have not supplied yet a valid copy of the document in agreement with the publishers' copyright restrictions. In these cases only the description of the paper is filed in the repository, including the link to the publisher's final version at the journal site. Final publisher full-text version will only be available if the user has a running suscription to the publisher's contents. These papers are labeled as Restricted Access items in Digital.CSIC. Once a valid full-text copy is available and filed, the label is removed.

Current DSpace version mandates a file to be attached in the archiving procedure. When a document is being filed whose full-text version is not available at the moment, the default embargo file may be used,