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Report of DIGITAL.CSIC survey to CSIC researchers about peer review system and Open Peer Review Module (OPRM) for repositories.
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Report of survey results abour peer review system and open peer review module on DIGITAL.CSIC [10/07/2018]
In February 2018 DIGITAL.CSIC launched a survey to gather CSIC researchers opinions about the current peer review system and suggestions for improvement and experience with the Open Peer Review Module on DIGITAL.CSIC. The report with main conclusions is available here.

Peer Review, Open Science and Repositories [22/06/2018]
The article Revisiones por pares, ciencia abierta y repositorios gathers insights from the seminar "Le peer review à l'ère de l'open science: enjeux et évolutions" organized by URFIST and INRIA in Bordeaux on last 27 March. DIGITAL.CSIC participated in the seminar with a presentation on ongoing experience with the Open Peer Review Module and views about the role of institutional repositories in a system of open evaluations.

News about preprints and research software on DIGITAL.CSIC [29/05/2018]
As a step forward in its support for Open Science, DIGITAL.CSIC has started to mint DOIs to two growingly important resource types, namely, preprints and software. In addition, DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office has prepared a model template to ease meaningful descriptions of research software. The template is accessible here

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