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Welcome to DIGITAL.CSIC, the institutional repository of the Spanish National Research Council.

DIGITAL.CSIC organizes, preserves and provides open access to CSIC research outputs.

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Handbook to Open Author Profiles [16/02/2017]
Opening author profiles is one new service in DIGITAL.CSIC and gives the opportunity to CSIC researchers to better showcase their research activity, link profiles with their works available in the repository and benefit from value-added services including aggregated usage statistics and network maps. The Handbook to Open Author Profiles provides with step by step instructions and some recommendations.

New OPRM article published in code4lib [31/01/2017]
OPRM: Challenges to Including Open Peer Review in Open Access Repositories examines technical developments of the Module and functioning of its associated submodule for new reputation metrics as well as an analysis of real cases gathered by the 2 participating  repositories and feedback received from their institutional scientific community. The article closes with the identification of issues for further focus by the OPRM team.

Funders' DOIs in DIGITAL.CSIC items [26/01/2017]
In December 2016 DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office started to enrich the repository bibliographic records including information about research funders with their DOIs. Crossref Open Funder Registry is the source to retrieve and batch import these DOIs into DIGITAL.CSIC items.

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