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Welcome to DIGITAL.CSIC, the repository of the Spanish National Research Council.

DIGITAL.CSIC organizes, preserves and provides open access to CSIC research outputs.

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Slides of Open Science Training Workshop Available [08/11/2018]
DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office delivered the training workshop "Open Science: Opportunities, challenges, tools" for CSIC scientific and technical staff in Madrid on October 29-31. The slides of Open Science: Principles, policies, components, good practices and Open Science: Tools are available in open access.  

"Infrastructures and Standards for Open Science" project kicks off [23/10/2018]
FECYT has recently launched the pilot project "Infrastructures and Standards for Open Science" in partnership with 3 public research organizations; CSIC, ISCIII and INIA. DIGITAL.CSIC takes part in this project which will enrich semantically outputs of research projects under the national Open Access mandate; will promote research data in institutional repositories and will integrate CVN public profiles in Open Access infrastructures. 

More than 1,000 researchers profiles at DIGITAL.CSIC [26/09/2018]
More than 1,000 researchers profiles have already been created within DIGITAL.CSIC infrastructure. This module is a powerful tool that builds customized profiles for CSIC researchers, integrates them with research outputs accessible at the repository, generates collaboration networks and provides with author-centered usage statistics. This handbook explains how to do it.

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